Franck Sajous

  • CNRS Research Engineer at CLLE Research Unit
  • Sessional lecturer at Université de Toulouse 2
  • Member of the ReLCO (research in collaborative lexicography) network
  • Member of the COST action ENEOLI (European Network On Lexical Innovation)
Franck Sajous

Research areas

Tools and resources

Most of the tools and linguistic resources I develop at CLLE are freely available from the REDAC website.

Teaching activities

I teach Computer Science for Natural Language Processing and Linguistics at the Sciences du Langage Department, Université de Toulouse 2. The topics include lexicography, POS-tagging, XML/XSLT technologies, HTML (parsing and generating), object-oriented modeling (UML) and programming (Java), GUI design.
I also teach lexicography at Université de Lille 3.